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croppercapture11When it comes to computers we know most of do not really care what is on the inside just as long as they perform and work as expected. From complex hardware and software to multiple part cooperation to environmental durability and more there is a lot that goes into keeping computers functioning at high levels. We know that Microsoft and Windows have a long history of making life on the computer better and easier and there are many reasons to praise some of there long standing features and functions. Even though many us prefer Apple products that is not to say we do not wish some Windows and Microsoft technologies were integrated into our Mac computers. One such technology is NTFS which is why we decided to assist in merging the two. This frequently asked questions page is our chance to explain some of the more common requests we see in customer service.

NTFS On Mac Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) #1: What Is NTFS

NTFS (New Technology File System is an internal file system developed by Microsoft for the Windows operating system platform. Starting with Windows NT 3.1 and included in every version and update since it is the default file system of the Windows NT product packages. Mac OS X kernels have a limited ability to read and write to NTFS which is why we decided to create “NTFS on Mac” to improve on the hindered compatibility of the two components. If you want to learn me we highly recommend reading some of our technical documentation.

NTFS On Mac Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) #2: What Are The Features Of NTFS

One of reasons people love NTFS so much is due to its features and performance. With such characteristics and improved functionality on the likes of Scalability, Journaling, Hard Links, Alternate Data Streams (ADS), File Compression, Volume Shadow Copy, Transactions, Security, Encryption, Quotas, Reparse Points, Resizing and more it becomes pretty clear why many prefer to have NTFS as their file system backbone. We wanted to bring all of these core strengths over to Apple products and that is exactly what we hope to do with NTFS on Mac.

NTFS On Mac Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) #3: What Are The Internals Made Up Of

While we do not want to get to technical as we will leave that to the pages and pages of documentation we do often get questions about the internal workings of NTFS. Some of the basics include a Partition Boot Sector, a Master File Table, Metafiles, Attribute Lists, Attributes, and Streams, Resident vs. Non-Resident Attributes, Opportunistic Locks, Time and Interoperability. With all of these amazing support mechanisms on the inside it easy to see why NTFS is one of the most sophisticated, reliable and well rounded file systems that exists on the market today.1

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