The Current State of Mac Data

The Current State of Mac Data – A Look At Mac Users Information Practices and Worries

349229-mac-backup-infographicOne of our biggest fears as Mac users is the loss of important data or a comprise of the technology that will leave us devastated due to the missing information or hardware. We all know computers can be fickle and often times display the personality of one minute working perfect and the next giving you problems and issues one after another. One of the most important aspects of any computer users experience is how reliable the software and hardware is they are using. Can they trust the technology to perform as they ask. Lets review this tekserve infographic for some of the best and worst Mac users practices and some user concerns to see what type of behaviors we should be most worried about.

Mac Owner Use Habit or Concern Number One: 74% of Mac Users Are Most Afraid To Lose Data Due To A Hard Drive Crash

We all know a lot of Apple Mac’s are now mobile given the popularity of the Mac which sometimes means us as users and owners do not always take as gentle care as we should of our computers. Its no mystery that traveling can put some where and tear on your personal items and you really never know when your hard drive could fall victim to a drop, a spill or a disaster next. Bottom line is this is a great reminder to acquire proper protective covers, travel bags and environments when using your Mac products.

Mac Owner Use Habit or Concern Number Two: 43% Of Mac Users Do Not Backup Their Data At All Or Only A Small Portion Of It

Many times computers will fail us but sometimes we have to blame ourselves when it comes to losing valuable information. We have already discussed how computers fail and that will never change so will always need a bit of human ingenuity and intervention when it comes to keeping our data assets safe. Once nice thing about computer technology is that we never have to rely on any one single hardware entity to keep our work and knowledge safe. Automation and synchronization play another key role in keeping data safe from loss. When it comes to protecting digital information its about backing it up, backing it up and then backing it up some more.

Mac Owner Use Habit or Concern Number Three: 60% Of Companies That Lose Data Winding Up Shutting Down Within Six Months After The Loss

Regardless if its personal or business related losing vital data is always a tough event to bounce back from. Information is essential to everyday life and whether we want to admit it or not lives and companies run off it. If it was not for the data we have available to ourselves in our minds and physical resources there would almost be no us. Data not only drives ourselves but the world around us and when we lose what is most critical to us it often is a long road to recovery. The data corporations use to succeed and the information we use to run our lives is almost make or break at times and something we should all protect. Lets always remember to protect our Mac data with the utmost of care.

Have a Mac data loss story you want to share? We love to hear from you and get that lesson out to the community!

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